Tawawn Lowe

The CEO of Tawawn Lowe Enterprises (TLE), founder of the Women Walking in their Own Shoes™ Movement, an Amazon #1 bestselling author, certified life coach, facilitator, and vision board instructor, speaker, trainer, and the creator of the Achieve Big Now Academy™.

Her Story


For more than half her life, Tawawn believed her life had no real purpose. See she turned somebody else’s limited belief about her potential into a self-fulfilling prophecy, making it true. She was secretly unhappy and unfilled because she believed success could not be a part of her story.

After having an “aha moment” at a girlfriend’s birthday empowerment event, she realized she had given away her power. The revelation led to her taking full charge of her destiny and getting a new vision for her future.

Tawawn is here to serve you because she was able to turn her pain into power, find her passion, and happiness. Her goal is simple, to help others take charge of their destiny, transform visions-goals results, and achieve success on their own terms.


What We Do


In October 2012, TLE expanded their mission and launched the Movement – Women Walking in their Own Shoes (WWITOS) ™. The Movement is a clarion call to action to women globally to say, “YES”, giving themselves permission to become their best selves, create their best lives, and achieve success on their own terms (walk in their own shoes).

October is Women Walking in their Own Shoes™ month proclaimed by Chase’s Calendar of Events. Every October the Movement celebrate, empower and equip women through an Empowerment Tea. The Empowerment Tea brings together panelists of experts, coaches, and speakers who share their stories, life lessons and provide strategies to equip women with their pursuit of personal, financial, health, professional, relationship, spiritual and entrepreneurial success.

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Individual Approach

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