Do you have BIG GOALS or dreams that you just can’t seem to follow through on? Do you start out strong but falter as you get going on your goals?

I want you to know you don’t have to do this along, over the last 7-years, I’ve helped individuals like learn how to set and achieve their goals.

If you are ready to start achieving your goals faster, and at a higher level, now you can be a part of my most exclusive offer.

When you register for my Achieve Big Goal Setting Bootcamp, you can meet with me and a small number of other like-minded individuals for EXCLUSIVE MENTORING + Learning focused on how to set and achieve effective goals.

We offer three in-person (2-days) Goal Setting Bootcamp where you:

  1. Learn how to set smart, effective goals. Big or little, you will see how easily attainable they are due to the techniques we will show you
  2. Identify your strengths and use them to your advantage, and
  3. Create a 90-blueprint for 1-2 of your most important goals.


I attended Tawawn’s goal setting boot camp, and I left armed with a clear plan of what I needed to accomplish my business and personal goals. I was able to take a step while at the boot camp to move forward with accomplishing my goals. Creating a personalized blueprint was intimidating, but Tawawn guidance helped me put together a plan that would set me up for success. Thanks, Tawawn
Cherisse Sherbert

Setting goals has always been a daunting experience for me. However, after attending the bootcamp, and participating in Achieve Big Now Mastermind, goals setting is now a habit. I’ve never really had short or long-term goals, but now I have them in every area of my life. Learning to align my values with my dreams and goals has allowed me to decide what’s most important in my life. Working with Tawawn through the vision board experience, goal setting bootcamp, and the achieve big mastermind, I have successfully achieved my biggest goal in getting my Masters degree, and several other goals. I learned to celebrate every little accomplishment, not to be too hard on myself if I didn’t hit the mark, and that its okay to change my goal.
Felicia Pratt

If you are ready to create a blueprint for your business, and goal-setting is not your strong suit, you need to attend the bootcamp.  Tawawn is very detail oriented, and she teaches you how to drill down, and get clarity around what you want to achieve. I’ve been in business for over three years, and I never had an outline plan to follow. I am pleased to say that I accomplished all my goals on my 90-day plan, and was able to create my next 90-day plan based on what I learned in the bootcamp.
Shannon Scott-Stewart

When I meet Tawawn I knew she was the person I wanted to work with. Spending 2-days with Tawawn, learning about myself, setting goals, and creating a plan was challenging, but what I needed. The bootcamp made me come face-to-face with the distractions and excuses keeping me from achieving my goals. One of my biggest takeaways was a question Tawawn posed to the group, “what is your excuses and distraction costing you, and is it worth the price you are paying”? Creating a personal and business blueprint for my life has help me become more intentional about my goals.
Radiah Campbell-Carson

My mom took my grandmother and me to the goal setting bootcamp, and the experience helped me take more control of my life. Working with Tawawn taught me how to set goals, track my goals, and achieve results in multiple areas of my life.  I walked into the bootcamp with no expectation but left with goals to tackle my finances. I’ve been working my plan for over 6-months, and so far, I have paid off several bills, saved money, and increased my credit score. Tawawn taught me the importance of having success habits and mindset. Goal setting is one of my new habits. It feels good to achieve my goals.
Rochelle Peacock