Do you feel negativity around you all the time?

Every day, you are bombarded by bad news, be it political discord, or catastrophic events around the world. Your inbox and social media feed are cluttered with updates on the newest disease that will kill us, advertisements for products you should buy to feel happy, and all the reasons you aren’t attractive, wealthy, or successful enough.

Each one of us must deal with negativity around us every day, yet we are weirdly addicted to the information that is feeding our inner angst and unhappiness.

But if you turned off the television, shut down your phone, and closed the lid on your computer, life wouldn’t seem so bad, would it?

You have most of what you need and a lot of what you want in life. There are good things happening all around you. People love you. There’s food on the table. You have a bed to sleep in and a roof over your head.

The antidote to our unhappiness and dissatisfaction isn’t the newest thing, the latest diet fad, or the next achievement.

It is Gratitude. Being thankful for what you have right now. Gratitude for the people in your life. Gratitude for all good things that are available to you at this moment.

Gratitude has the power to transform you. It can pull you from the vortex of negativity that is sucking the life out of you and give you a renewed sense of purpose and joy.

When you practice gratitude, you will notice that you are surrounded by an abundance of positivity. When you learn to truly appreciate the things you generally take for granted, your levels of happiness increase, you improve your health, find the strength to deal with adversity, and able to build strong relationships.

Feel the power of Gratitude by practicing it daily and see its wonders for yourself.

One of the best ways to practice gratitude, and make it a major part of your life is journaling. Journaling allows you to focus your feelings, thoughts, and energy on those things that you are grateful for in your life. We invite you to use our 30-Day Gratitude Journal to support you in your gratitude journaling. Click Here to get a copy of the journal TODAY!

Gratitude is a lifestyle that contributes to your happiness, peace, and success. No matter what, there is always something to be grateful for.