What is the real key to your organization success? Some may say it is your company products and services, or a strong brand.

It’s your talent – they are the greatest asset you have. They determine the level of success you will achieve. We believe successful organizations start with great talent – and great talent is achieved through effective coaching, training, and development.

With over 30-years of government service and 7-years of providing training and coaching to organizations, Tawawn understands talent management is a fundamental necessitate for both the employer and employee success. This is why she incorporated Training and Learning Concepts (TLC) into her business model.

TLC’s goal is to assist organizations with turning talent management into their most important business assets; and transform organizations by helping them unlock hidden potential and unleash the full power of their talent.



Personal Development Training

TLC offers a library of over 75 personal and professional development training programs. Our clients have the option to use the off-the-shelf training or to work with our training team to develop custom-design training programs to meet their needs.

Goal Setting for Organizational Success

Employees who incorporate effective goal setting in their day-to-day operations have better performance and higher productivity.

Strategic Visioning with Vision Boards

TLC uses the vision board concept with the Appreciative Inquiry theory to assist organizations with visualizing their future growth and possibilities, team building, and developing their talent.  


Companies and organizations are learning how critical coaching is for the development, growth, and performance of their people. Research shows that organizations that develop their leadership skills through effective coaching are 130% more likely to achieve business results. In addition, companies who implement a coaching program feel the ROI was valuable.

Executive Coaching

We help organizations leaders lead through an authentic/holistic approach that focus on gaining self-awareness, clarifying goals and values, developing greater emotional intelligence, achieving personal and work-life balance, and developing weakness, and maximizing strengths.

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Employee Coaching

Coaching employees in the workplace is essential to organizations maximizing their talent, and organizational success. When employee coaching goes beyond the annual or bi-annual performance activity, it represents a powerful way to help employees achieve success, and demonstrates the organization’s commitment to their employee’s achievements.

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