what’s your big dream?

We All Have Them …… You got ‘em. I have them. A lot of ‘em. Big ones. Small ones. Wild crazy ones.  Even some that are so BIG that they scare you, and because they scare you, you won’t tell no-body because they are mind-blowing, seem unrealistic, require a leap of faith, and you know the manifestation will be life changing. 

I want to let you in on a little secret…. Dreams are one of the fundamental building blocks for achieving success. Every successful person, and great leader was, in fact, a great dreamer. No successful person or business every started without a dream (hope or wish) for their future.

Here is another secret…. It’s okay to dream BIG. Dreaming big is absolutely needed when you are going for your goals and aspirations. Dreams allows you to tap into your imagination – and see a bigger picture of what you can become, and what you can achieve.

Creating a Bigger Version of Yourself…….

Creating a vision board is one of the most powerful, and valuable visualization tools you can add to your success toolkit.

Let me ask you a few questions, are you ready for your new beginning? Are you ready to create a broader vision of your future? Are you ready to take charge of your DESTINY?

If your answer is “YES”, it’s time to start doing what successful people do……..

It is time to create a clear and exciting VISION for your future. It’s time to think through and develop a clear picture of where you want to be in one, three and five years from now.

Having a vision for your life is essential, and the first step to start manifesting the life you desire.

TODAY we want to challenge you to take action and put your life vision and goals into picture form with a powerful vision board.

Saturday, November 14th – 9:00 – 1:00 pm
(Virtually via ZOOM)

Are you ready to create your vision board and use it as one of your success tools?

As one of the one hundred and fifty certified vision board instructors globally, Tawawn goal is to teach you how to give energy to your dreams using visualization and vision board; and how to take action to manifest your dreams. She is ready and equipped to assist you with awakening your imagination, create a vision board, and to create mental imagery of your desires and goals. 

Tawawn will help you understand how creative visualization and the creation of a vision board is an effective and proven method for achieving success for every area of your life.

If you want to achieve success at a higher level, then you have to do what high performers and successful people do. They create a vision for every aspect of their life.

When you attend the Virtual Vision Board Experience, you will learn:

  • How to create an empowering vision board
  • How to use your vision board as a powerful visualization tool
  • How to tap into the key aspects of your life and create a vision for each one
  • How to use the power of visualization to maximize your potential and achieve success.

This Vision Board Experience will leave you with more than just dreams, but direction, guidance, and clarity on what you want.

The Self-Investment is:


(materials not included)


Vision Board Experience ToolKit

Limited Kits Available

(Workbook, Frame, glue, poster board, scissors)

It’s time DREAM BIG – and start living your dream!

This is An Exclusive Invitation:

Are you ready to capture an inspiring picture of your future?