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As a speaker and trainer, I cannot think of anything more rewarding than empower, motivating, and equipping individuals with transformational lifestyle content to help them bring about personal and professional change, and transformation.”


I love engaging and sharing with audiences around the world about my transformational “Aha” moment that redefined, and changed the trajectory of my life. More importantly, I love speaking and teaching providing transformational lifestyle content (TLC) for personal and professional growth, and challenging audiences to make personal development a lifetime goal. Over the last 10-years, I have inspired and equipped people, companies/organizations, and entrepreneurs on how to maximize their potential, achieve peak performance, transform visions into realities, and achieve success.



Living life by default is a choice. In this powerful talk, the focus is on the barriers that cause people to live their life by default, the power of choice, and how intentional living (life by Design), determines your happiness and success. Tawawn’s message is designed to empower, and assist the audience with the following:

1. Understand that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a choice.
2. Identify the barriers that’s keep you from take charge of your destiny,
3. What it means to live intentionally, and
4. How to recalibrate your life, and start taking charge of your destiny.


Women are taking bold steps and elevating their life, careers and business, but they are still making unconscious missteps that is keeping them from their full potential, and the success they desire. In this message, Tawawn talks about the missteps she has listed in her book from Heels to Heights, and how to turn them into stepping stones.


Your life is your company – and you are the CEO of your life. This talk introduces, or remind its audience of a powerful way to take charge of their destiny. This message is designed to empower and assist the audience with the following:

1. Introduce another perspective of how to take charge of your life and destiny,
2. What it means to be the CEO of your life,
3. The importance of having a vision and goals for your life.


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There are no words that could express our sincerest appreciation for the powerful life-changing workshop Tawawn Lowe presented at our New Day Celebration in January. Many of our attendees were very complimentary and educated on the Power of Visualization and – Goal Setting for personal and professional success. Ms. Lowe presentation was very thorough and life-enriching for those attending. We were so thrilled with her workshop that we were blessed to have done a Part II Teleconference Workshop, which was a huge success.
Carolyn Washington

Founder-Executive Director, Sisters4Sisters, Inc. www.sisters4sisters.org

Tawawn you are a no-nonsense, tell it like it is speaker (what we need) whose passionate about helping women live up to their potential. When I asked you to speak, I knew the women would be inspired and encouraged. I could not believe it, for weeks after the event women were still talking about “Look into the Mirror.” You made us uncomfortable, challenged us to go deep, look hard, not to be scared, – but be scared, to shake it off, and to keep it moving. We thank you for walking us through the steps to regain our power.
Tracy Queen

Get to the Root Ministry

Beyond Elegant Events would like to give special thanks to Tawawn Lowe for hosting our holiday mix. She was an amazing host and speaker – who was able to keep the audience thoroughly engaged! Her harmonious personality and genuine spirit is what sets Ms. Lowe apart from other speakers. This alone makes Ms. Lowe an incredible and highly-charismatic speaker. We highly recommend her to our clients and followers – and will definitely be using her at upcoming events. Thank you Tawawn!! You totally rock!
Bonita Parker

Owner & Sr. Event Specialist, www.bonitaparker.com

Divorce is a hard subject to talk about. The Divorce Expo want to thank Tawawn Lowe for her breakout workshop “Becoming the CEO of Your Life After Divorce. Tawawn brought the right temperament and sensitivity, the information was directly connected to the topic, and she able to provide sound guidance to our audience.  We thank you for sharing your story, and demonstrating how to bounce when your life is in transition.
Joost Allard

Founder, TheDivorceExpo

To book Tawawn for your next event, or get more information, please complete this booking request, or contact us at 202-579-1209.